Sexbomb sexbomb you’re my sexbomb!
And everybody is dancing for Arancha- not bad for morning, isn’t it?:)
When the day started we discussed some ideas how to organize our open space. And finally we agreed on visiting Sevan. Lake and Monastery are incredibly beautiful! Some of us even swam in this lake.
But before Sevan,we had another session,look:
‘Guys, sharp be on time-11.00’
11:15 Magamed : ‘all georgians are missing apart from me’ ?

Anyway, we visited Dilijan Community Center. That’s about lots of masterpieces, lots inspiration to create smth in your life. May be even not smth in art sphere. The main point is about confidence, hope and believe in your idea. ?
Also we discussed this (+motivation and life goals) during TED-talks session in the evening.
Today is the day of deep thinking:)
Find yourself! Everybody deserves harmony inside themselves!


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