Gimme-gimme-gimme acha-acha-acha and Arsen’s dancing workshop- energizer- this is how we started this fruitful day!
Then we found out who doesn’t love their neighbors or Armenia ( Nastasia, big brother is watching you!) And after these warm-up activities we became portrait-painters! So, now everybody can see how he or she looks after Ukrainian+Spanish cultural night:)

We created these portraits on envelopes so don’t forget about them, make your secret friend happy! Good returns good.
Then some more serious work. We learned how Armenia deals with unemployment, what are the brightest startups in Spain, how Latvia develops the idea of their identity and how Ivan made money from his hobby (just earn 800$ and spend 1000$).
Then we were looking for random staff, and meanwhile tried uneatable berries (Eva :)))). Afterwards this random items were put into one business-idea.

Before the presentation of our ideas Spanish team explained us what does ‘Creative thinking tools’ mean. That was great job, thank you!
And finally we heard about eco-bags, green touch, selling animals, yoga for everyone, magic drinking- initiatives!
Each business team is inspired now to develop its startup-project! So, let’s continue!

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