What is youth policy? What do the liberals of Russia and Belgium, Sweden and Jordan, Belarus and Bulgaria have in common? What is our attitude to the most important world political events? These questions and not only answered at the 45th General Assembly of the International Federation of Liberal Youth, which was held March 22-24, 2019 in Sofia (Bulgaria). For the first time since 2012, Civil Forum not only delegated its votes to trusted representatives, but also became by itself an integral part of a grand political event in the liberal world. The only one Belarusian liberal youth organization at the General Assembly was represented by Vice-chairman Ihar Nikitsin.

Is it possible to describe IFLRY in a few words? There is little chance, but let’s try. IFLRY it is

– 70 youth liberal organizations worldwide;

– about 800,000 members within the organizations making up the IFLRY;

– 9 international development programs, one of which is dedicated to Belarus;

– unconditional political authority, because many youth organizations of IFLRY are the youth wings of the ruling parties in their countries.

If the dry statistics did not impress you, then you should definitely take part in the General Assembly of IFLRY. World youth policy is created here! This political struggle, heated discussions on the adoption of resolutions and new members in the liberal family, the approval of reports – these is what you have to plunge into an extremely intense form. Disputes do not stop at dinner, and campaigning in support of the candidates takes on the most unusual forms. Political unions, agreements, compromises and tears of bitterness of defeat, forgotten, rejoicing in the successes of their liberal colleagues from other countries. After all, together we are doing a common cause, striving for the common goal –  respect of human rights and the sharing of democratic values ​​throughout the world. For the sake of this, it is worthwhile to attend such an event at least once in your political life, to touch and feel belonging to the common great mission.

And now some official news.

The key event of the liberal weekend was the election of IFLRY vice-presidents. A serious struggle broke out among 6 worthy candidates. Content programs, creative PR-technologies, persistent agitation and even help in renting flash-media for the American colleagues – these is an incomplete toolkit of the used methods of political battles! Which, as a result, successfully ended for Syuleyman Syuleyman (Young MRF, Bulgaria), Amanda Kanange (LYF, Sweden), Nickolas Pagonakis (Radical Ungdom, Denmark), Laura Fagerlund (Svenska Ungdom, Finland). Congratulations to the new vice-presidents of IFLRY and we wish you a fruitful and interesting work for the good of the liberal community!

Also at the General Assembly, 4 new organizations were admitted to the liberal family – TLDE (Romania), Novoczesna Youth (Poland), Vesna (Russia), YoungSpiration (Hong Kong). Welcome aboard!

And of course the resolutions. The discussions were hot and intense. Consensus was obtained through revisions and compromises, but not all proposed resolutions were adopted. This is logical. After all, we are moving towards the same goal, but sometimes we see different ways for this. The General Assembly approved the following resolutions:

– “For peace in the Kashmir region (India)”;

– “The coral reefs future health”;

– “For the protection and conservation of the Arctic”;

– “On the Immunity of the UN peacekeeping forces”;

– “On the protection of Whistleblowers”;

– “#FridaysforFuture – Let’s tackle climate change through parties and parliaments”.


 As you can see, the General Assembly was hot and saturated. Now it’s up to local changes. It is time to return to our countries and carry liberal ideas here! After all, #globalisingfreedom begins with small local steps!



P.S. Civil Forum expresses deep gratitude to the Liberal Youth Foundation. Without LYF’ support participation in the General Assembly would be impossible.

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