Приглашаем поучаствовать в молодежном тренинге «Decarbonize our future!», который пройдёт с 24 по 30 августа 2015 г. в Латвии.

Главная цель тренинга — снижение выбросов CO2 посредством распространения информации об изменении климата и его последствиях.
Участники: активная молодежь от 18 до 25 лет из Беларуси, Дании и Латвии
Рабочий язык — английский.
Для участия нужно заполнить анкету http://goo.gl/forms/SPb9o4zDEI до 7 июня

Youth training program:

– theoretical background: explaining key climate change aspects, GHG emissions and carbon footprint, role of consumption patterns, key stakeholders in the process and main challenges, myths about climate change mitigation;

– practical examples: case studies will be discussed on mitigating climate change, role of stakeholders and environmental and youth NGOs in particular;

– tasks for participants: trainers will give specific tasks to groups of participants to work on different issues, such as developing a specific proposal for carbon footprint reduction in catering or transportation to events;

– organising local public action: participants of the Low Carbon youth camp will organise public actions in the town to raise awareness and to understand public acceptance aspects of renewables and energy efficiency (e.g. presenting materials in public place, interviewing people in streets).

Project partners: homo ecos: (Latvia), Latvian Green Movement (Latvia), Center for Environmental Solutions (Belarus) and INFORSE-Europe (Denmark), Project „Decarbonize our Future!” is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers

Info by ecoidea.by

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