Dear youth-activists, dear liberal friends,

From October 17-19 the IFLRY Belarus and Ukraine Programme will host a training with the topic “Training on Internet- and Communication Security” in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Internet- and Communication Security are very important issues in the modern society and essential for preserving individual privacy. The internet and other means of modern communication contain a lot of dangerous backdoors that can be used by criminal individuals or organizations, companies or governmental institutions to compromise privacy, spy on personal data and do harm to the user.

This training will on the one hand give a short overview on the political discussion on privacy and security in the internet and on the other hand provide detailed instructions on how to secure communication with personal computers, mobile phones and other devices. Subjects of the training will include mail-encryption, anonymous browsing, the search and identification for viruses and malware and several other topics that are essential in the field of communication security. Furthermore the trainers will show the participants how to organize similar trainings back at home to instruct their friends and fellow activists.

The call is open until the 17th of September 2014.

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